Thursday Night at Het Nieuwe Instituut stands for insight, interaction and encounters – an evening designed to provoke further discussion and reflection. Here are some of the regular series.


In the Het Nieuwe Instituut Lecture Series, a diverse range of opinionated speakers will take the stage. The series’ starting point is its trans-disciplinary stance, which acknowledges that the architects of today’s changing world are miscellaneous by default. By sharing their knowledge and personal fascinations, they provide useful lenses to help us navigate the excess of information to distinguish signal from noise. They inspire, reflect and provide fuel for discussion, in doing so also reflecting upon their own discipline and the ways in which it is changing.


Monthly evening for and by designers and makers who will use their own research or design practice as the starting point for an active exchange of knowledge and inspiration around a topical theme.

In association with BNO and IMG Lab. 

Reading Room

The Reading Room is a series of evenings dedicated to the act of collective reading. It is a place to decipher and interpret the world with its countless languages and systems, including phenomena that by their ubiquity evade investigation. Led by an artist, researcher or designer, a small audience will reflect upon a concept, a text, an object or an image. The Reading Room is a space for intimate, provocative conversations. It is a place for creative confusion and sometimes even frustration, in which speakers and audience are not looking for concrete solutions but for higher resolutions. Subjects in previous Reading Rooms include exhibition, surveillance, migration, liquidity, museum, insecurity.

Ministry of Spatial Affairs

With the conviction that spatial planning concerns everyone and cannot be left solely to market players and assertive citizens, Het Nieuwe Instituut is teaming up with Elma van Boxel & Kristian Koreman, ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles], en Stephan Petermann, OMA/AMO, to organise a series of discussions around the creation of a new Ministry for Spatial Affairs: a ministry that believes that its policy must have a basis in a vision with a broad consensus. Especially now that technological changes and social and economic issues extend far beyond our borders, a jointly formulated perspective is more urgent than ever.

Bot Club (Humans Welcome)

The Bot Club takes an amazed, but critical look at a world in which bots, algorithmic agents and generative processes do the work and places this world centre stage. Bots write books, weather forecasts, sports reports and Wikipedia entries. Lots of Twitterers are bots. Other algorithmic agents conjure up game worlds autonomously, compose dance tracks, write film scripts, and edit news streams – factual or otherwise. They produce functional design solutions, which are beyond human comprehension, and are now unbeatable at almost all mind sports. For a long time, bots rarely appeared in the foreground and worked in secret. The Bot Club aims to change this by inviting them to take centre stage. What does this new society of humans and bots look like?

Design Dialogues

A diverse series of dialogues with makers, designers, journalists and critics on design. The discussions take a close look at the designer’s process from raw material to final object, exploring issues of aesthetic and technological change, ethical positions, sustainable cycles, and innovation in how objects perform and interact. In a culture saturated with design and mediated by digital technologies, these dialogues explore how the traditional sense of meaning, value, and materiality are being reinvented.

Archive Explorations

Containing the collections of some of the most important architects and urban planners in the Netherlands, the State Archive for Architecture and Urban Planning provides an insight into the development of Dutch architecture and society over the past 130 years. Each of the four million drawings, sketches, models, professional and personal correspondence, photos, posters and news clippings has a story to tell. But many of these stories have remained untold because nobody has yet uncovered them. For the series of evenings entitled Sifting through the Archive we invite a range of people to undertake a journey of discovery in the archive in order to introduce new perspectives.

Thursday Night at Het Nieuwe Instituut
Kristoffer Li & Kristoffer Halse Sølling

Thursday Night Live! is a weekly programme of lectures, screenings and discussions on architecture, design and digital culture. Developments and critical insights are discussed by thinkers, designers and makers from the Netherlands and abroad.