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In the Significant Content event series, popular creators from various social media platforms talk about the artistry behind their work. This edition features two Instagram meme pages @this.and.a.blunt and @joan.of.arca.

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While content creators on social media are not usually awarded the status of film directors, musicians or designers, they nevertheless make a huge contribution to our daily media consumption and to digital culture. The series Significant Content examines how social media creators' content can make a difference within the framework of given platforms, revealing their medium-specific characteristics. Creators must deploy clever tactics to ensure their content works well within the medium they are using. By outlining the content and methods of such creators, the series helps to unravel how social media platforms work beneath the surface. 


@this.and.a.blunt could be considered a so-called "shitposting" account. The images uploaded to the page seem random and aimless, and seem to lack a punchline. However, they are considered humorous in the eyes of people, having obtained 57.000 followers on Instagram. The pictures and videos are nearly always screenshots or screenrecordings from other places on the internet, resulting in a chaotic reflection of the online zeitgeist. The page Ms. Of Arca, @joan.of.arca, is a similar Instagram account that, as the name suggests, has a focus on pop star Arca and their related music. Ms. Of Arca also regularly posts references to themselves and other befriended meme pages.

Significant Content

Significant Content was initiated by Sjef van Beers and Florian van Zandwijk. The two pilot evenings are made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL

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