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This wasn't just one thing after another, on an endless loop. We dove into the wonderful world of endless patterns and explore the hypnotic, addictive effects and beauty of fractals, patterns, formulas and algorythms. Say that again!

With designers Sigrid Calon, Hansje van Halem, Christopher Noort, Frederike Top and Ivo Vrouwe. In association with BNO and IMG Lab

Sigrid Calon

Sigrid Calon is an artist who works with pure, geometric patterns in a range of media. Her work emerges from exploring new connetions and viewing them from a different perspective. She finds inspiration in things that were intended for other uses.

Hansje van Halem

Hansje van Halem is a graphic designer who loves the tension between a systematic approach, legibility and (ir)regularities. Repetitive work is calming and gives you time to think about other things while remaining productive. Textures end in patterns.

Christopher Noort 

Christopher Noort is a fourth-year student in graphic design and digital craft at the Willem de Kooning Academy. His Datarelief project is a contemporary remake of Duchamp’s Rotorelief and is a visual interpretation of the hypnotic and addictive effects of our contemporary data usage.

Frederike Top

Frederike Top is a product designer with a love of the intangible nature of light. She experiments endlessly with light, shadow, light intensity and the colour of light in spaces. Last year she went in search of the secret of Qinhuai lanterns and worked for six weeks with Master Gu in Nanjing, China.

Ivo Vrouwe

Ivo Vrouwe is an architect and engineer. Digital, parametric and generative design have had a great influence on patterns and repetition in architecture. Using five examples of orientations, he will explore repetition, orientation, scripting and algorithms in architecture, design and the arts.

Thursday Night at Het Nieuwe Instituut
Luca Napoli

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