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Design in image and sound. With Jaap Drupsteen, Elza-Jo, Piet Jan Blauw, The Plastic Fantastic Timemachine and WLDRF. Swinging designs and designers that swing. Without rhythm, there can be no music, but can you have a good design without rhythm? Graphic design heroes who get everything moving in sync, photographers whose images create their own dimension and musicians who produce sounds from instruments that aren’t actually instruments at all. Let's rock and roll!

Jaap Drupsteen

Jaap Drupsteen is still ahead of his time. He synchronises sound and image down to the millisecond in his perfect fusion of beguiling animations and infectious techno. No wonder they call him the Rhythm Painter. 


Elza-Jo is known for her eclectic and fun photography. She has a unique style, shamelessly adding glitter, drawing and paint to her photographs. She has photographed Typhoon and Paul Elstak and worked for brands including H&M and Tommy Hilfiger

Piet Jan Blauw

Piet Jan Blauw works with both visual art and sound art. He seeks ways of communicating by fusing elements from nature with contemporary technology. He has performed and exhibited in Europe, the United States and Mexico, and his collaborators have included DJ Isis and Estroe.

The Plastic Fantastic Timemachine

The Plastic Fantastic Timemachine completes the evening with a journey through every conceivable musical style. Expect the exotic sounds of 1960s garage pop interspersed with blasts of Egyptian jazz or 1940s bluegrass, conducted by mixmaster Kroft.

20:00 – 22:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

Thursday Night at Het Nieuwe Instituut
Luca Napoli

Thursday Night Live! is a weekly programme of lectures, screenings and discussions on architecture, design and digital culture. Developments and critical insights are discussed by thinkers, designers and makers from the Netherlands and abroad.