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During this edition of the TNL! Meet Up the speakers will show how they apply image recognition in their work as an artist, journalist and child psychologist. Using images from their own practice, they will discuss concepts such as computer vision and neural networks. By unravelling the computer’s view, some of the mystery that still often surrounds such terms disappears. They analyse how algorithms ‘see’ patterns in images or text; examine how biases underlie those same algorithms; question ideas about the supposed ‘intelligence’ of these systems; and see how the choice of training data affects the output of the artificial cognitive system. 

This event connects with the installation The Future Through Artificial Eyes (on view at Het Nieuwe Instituut until 26 May). This TNL! Meet Up is supported by fragments about computation, dataism and civil rights from previous episodes of the future-focused TV show, VPRO Tegenlicht.

At the end of the event you can join the free Thursday Night Detour with guide Esmée Dros who will take you through the installation from her perspective as maker. Up to 15 participants can join the detour.

17:30 – 19:00
also this evening

5pm-7.30pm | Thursday Bite
7pm-9pm | Thursday Night Detour
7.30pm-9pm | Submerged Heritage #3
8pm-9.30pm | Design Dialogues: Home Wear

The museum is free to visit from 5pm-9pm


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam




Richard Vijgen 

Artist and designer Richard Vijgen uses data visualisations to make abstract technological processes visible and discussable. Vijgen designs multi-sensory data experiences in which the invisible technological dimensions of reality are exposed. Through his poetic data interpretations, he creates a dialogue between human perspective and the non-physical world of digital networks, algorithms and wireless communication.

Foeke Postma

Using public sources and image recognition software, Foeke Postma, a member of research platform Bellingcat, regularly manages to uncover the biggest secrets - such as when soldiers give away a secret army base via fitness apps like Strava and Polar, or when influencers on Instagram and TikTok use their photos to perpetuate the trade in exotic animals. Every day, Postma uses all kinds of image recognition software in his work to expose abuses, and he uses examples to show how anyone can use this kind of technology to do research.

Martina Zaharieva

Martina Zaharieva conducts research on cognitive development in young children at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In her research methods she uses digital-quantitative techniques like eye-tracking, EEG and automated data collection processes using visual stimuli.

Cristina Colonnesi

Cristina Colonnesi is assistant professor at the Research Institute for Child Development and Education at University of Amsterdam (UvA). She studied developmental psychology at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. Her research focuses on social cognition and socio-emotional development from infant to child, in connection with psychopathology.

Thursday Night at Het Nieuwe Instituut
Luca Napoli

Thursday Night Live! is a weekly programme of lectures, screenings and discussions on architecture, design and digital culture. Developments and critical insights are discussed by thinkers, designers and makers from the Netherlands and abroad.