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In this Design Dialogue, Studio Harris Blondman, Studio Moniker and Future Corp explore the interface between graphic design and interaction design. The discussion is headed by Andrea van Pol.

19:30 – 21:00
also this evening

Pop-in expo: A Grand Mountain Scene by Joost Emmerik

17:00 - 18:00 Guided tour: Archive Explorations for Friends

17:00 - 21:30 Symposium: Whatever Happened to History and Theory in Dutch Architecture?

18:00 - 19:30 Thursday Bite

Museum open until 21:00


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


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Websites and other screen-based media are an interesting arena for independent graphic designers and interaction designers. Pronounced design that fully exploits the possibilities of the digital world, however, does not always meet with general appreciation. People either love it or hate it and clients often choose the safest option.

In addition, any room for experimentation is limited by the massive strength of companies such as Facebook and WordPress that offer (seemingly) free, prefabricated products: ‘anyone’ can be a graphic designer. As a result, the emphasis is on a limited number of graphic views and design philosophies (such as the American and the Chinese, and purely market-driven). This curbs actual innovation and limits alternative approaches to the role of the user in the media landscape. It is now up to commissioners to actively support this experimental, vulnerable part of the design profession.

On the basis of their own work Harris Blondman, Moniker and Future Corp will discuss recent developments in graphic and interaction design, the difficulties they themselves encounter and the opportunities they see. How do they manage to make groundbreaking work and how do they see the future?

Studio Moniker

Moniker is Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters’ interactive design studio. The studio uses different media for a wide range of clients who are active in various sectors, from the cultural domain to the commercial sector. The projects explore the social effects of technology – the way technology is used and its effects on our daily lives. Moniker is the interaction designer for the Het Nieuwe Instituut website.

Harris Blondman

Harris Blondman is an Amsterdam-based graphic design studio founded by Harry Bloch and Joris Landman. The studio combines classic graphic design knowledge with new media expertise and creative coding. With their work, they experiment and play with the limits and possibilities of screen design.

Marc Kremers

Future Corp is a digital creative studio headed by Marc Kremers that builds nuanced and non-conformist digital products. It takes pride in the fact that its clients, such as Mario Testino, Cindy Sherman for MoMa, Wallpaper Magazine, Adidas, Damien Hirst, Goldfrapp and Moncler, are innovators who disrupt the worlds of art, fashion, culture, tech and design.

Andrea van Pol

Editor and presenter Andrea van Pol is known for AVRO's Kunstuur and De Slag om Nederland. She is closely involved with the Dutch cultural sector. She acts as a presenter and moderator for events throughout the country.

Thursday Bite

Before Thursday Night Live! you can grab a bite to eat with the speakers and staff of Het Nieuwe Instituut. At 18:00 Het Nieuwe Café will serve soup with bread or a quiche with salad. Dinner vouchers are available for € 7,50 up to a day before the particular Thursday Night event via the Tickets link or at the bar this evening.

Thursday Night at Het Nieuwe Instituut
Luca Napoli

Thursday Night Live! is a weekly programme of lectures, screenings and discussions on architecture, design and digital culture. Developments and critical insights are discussed by thinkers, designers and makers from the Netherlands and abroad.