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Within a motel-like environment, makers, thinkers, and the public meet. For this event Het Nieuwe Instituut collaborates with curators and scenographers Simon Becks and Jules van den Langenberg.


From midday to midnight a continuous programme takes place in the various rooms of The Common Inn that focuses on the concepts of talent and talent development.

Knock, Knock ... Housekeeping!

12:00 - 20:00, every two hours
On the second floor of The Common Inn, different perspectives on talent development are explored in a series of conversations. The programme is based on a series of interviews conducted by Het Nieuwe Instituut for the development of a web magazine that will be published in April, with amongst others Syb Groeneveld and Marieke Ladru (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie), Pascale Gatzen (master, Fashion Design at ArtEZ), Arna Mačkić (Studio L A).

In Memoriam of Talent

14:00 - 15:00
During this In Memoriam of Talent, Miriam Wistreich, Damoon Foroutanian and Adeola Enigbokan will reflect on the history of talent and talent development within and outside the creative industry. Programmed by Rosa te Velde and moderated by curator and presenter Stephanie Afrifa.

Call to Anyone and Everything

12:00 - 00:00
More than 75 designers, architects and artists submitted their work in the Call to Anyone and Everything. All participants were given a place in the programme, without a selection round being applied by the curators.

The result is the main event of The Common Inn, a twelve-hour programme in which the designers perform, test prototypes, or show recent work, spread over nine acts. Within the scripted environment of The Common Inn, everyone is encouraged to look and watch, and be participants as well as each other's audience.

  • 12:00 ACT 1/9 at THE COMMON INN: Accelerating human progress, Anekdote, Apply, Beauty of nature, Bio-hacking experiments, Bodily mimesis, Decor, Handmade, Knotty process, Mimicking machine-like, Occupied, Often-busy, Solidarity, Space, The gesture of resistance, 8/8.

    With Huge, Lara Joy Evans & Hannah Rose Stewart, Marcel van Kan, Maria McLintock, Danae Io & Rebecca Glyn-Blanco, Murat Adash, Natalia Jordanova & Walter Götsch, Philip Lüschen and Zoran Dragelj.
  • 13:00 ACT 2/9 at THE COMMON INN: Being in a flow, Contains a contraption, General rehearsal, Hartritme, Here, I am an Italian artist, My table, Neurosis, Staircase, Obsessive overeating, Organizes, Sabotage the farm industry, Small ferris wheel, Synesthesia, The apartment, Tomorrow’s disasters, Toy, Uses.

    With Cees Boogert, Job Schroën, Lynnclaire Dennis, Milica Jovićević, Oddkin, Paola Ricci and Brieke Dros, Bram Bogaerts & Robin Smits/Superposition.
  • 14:00 ACT 3/9 at THE COMMON INN: Candy wrappers, Crying metals, Dark dungeons, Dwarves are miners, Emotional education, Five girls, Generating alternatives, Giving everything for children, Keep te facade, Painting and object, Prescribed, Reading filled blanks, Scarcity, Shelf life, Shine the brightest, Science fiction, The local amateur.

    With Gabriel Guevara, Hulya Ertas, Jesler Muntendam, Johnny Theodorus Wiekhart, Julia Sokolnicka, Julia Sokolnicka, Katya Stepanova, Lars den Hertog, Myriam Gras and Willem Schenk, Cindy Wegner, Amber Oskam & Gyalpo Batstra.
  • 15:00 ACT 4/9 at THE COMMON INN: Face, Feelings, Feminine and decadent Floriography, Flower arrangement, Flowers can be surprisingly, Interactive, Life enhancing, Lure them out, Not to be included, Obscure, Oversimplified, Sensing pollution, Street calligraphers, Ubiquitous media, Water.

    With Asu Aksu, Gea Bonaffini/ChinaRaw, Henrike Altes, Holy Fool Studio, Jason Page, Joca van der Horst/Studio Jocavdh and Mike Kokken & Max Peeperkorn.
  • 16:00 ACT 5/9 at THE COMMON INN: Atopia, Branding, Care, Current field, Go fast alone, Ineffability, Juxta-reality, Multimode, Origin, Post-consumption, Sales man-esque, Silicone, Situated, Small amount of risk, Today’s treasure, Walk by the wall, Workflow.

    With A.topos, bi-, Dagrún Aðalsteinsdóttir, Hannah Carpenter, Kalkidan Hoex, Sam Janssen, Sina Mostafavi, Benjamin Kemper & Daniel Fischer and Zinzi de Brouwer.
  • 17:00 ACT 6/9 at THE COMMON INN: Administrative task, A hot girl driving a car, cool., Conditions, Highlighting individualised precarity, I am all about me, Labour of love, Late-late-capitalism, Limited living space, One man fashion show, Our realities, Pilgrimage, Precariousness, Quickly, Sleeping in a huge crowd, Treks, Video.

    With David Cross, Eva Slegers & Floris de Vries, Lexi Herman, Mieke van der Linden & Ginger Haasbroek, Simona Koutna and Trine Bumiller.
  • 18:00 ACT 7/9 at THE COMMON INN: Allegories, Egg tempera, Executive realness Feedself, For electric guitars, Getting back, Hybrid activities, kMarket, Meticulously, Music, Network, Outgrowing the individual, Sound, Space science, Subconciousness, Violinist, Wedding Dj.

    With A11 Studio, Alexandra Barancova & Jae Perris, John Giskes, Lotte Schröder & Glenn Ryszko, Nóra Békés and Salome Dijoux & Amélie Peterli.
  • 19:00 ACT 8/9 at THE COMMON INN: Actually feel, ‘Agressive’, Animo, Cacophony, Is a very personal, Non-believers, Nursery rhyme, Passive, Plastic imprints, Postcard, Sound, The method I, Underworld.

    With Hanneke Klaver, Judith Muijs & Tosca Schift, Heidi Hörsturz, Lydia Belevich, Reinier Kranendonk, Riccardo De Vecchi, Studio Andrea Abbatangelo and Susan van Veen.
  • 20:00 ACT 9/9 at THE COMMON INN: Alphabet, Christmas, Cliffhanger, Drawings, ‘General performance’, Keyboard, Magic, Manipulation and rebellion, Not merely illustrations, Rehearsal, Routines, Social skills training, Two relax chairs, Unlearn, Visual, We chose, Worried analysis.

    With Alessio Dispenza/Backinasec, Jadid Al-Rifai & Chloé, Giordano, Marcel van Kan, Minsook Kang, Miron Galić, Myrthe van der Molen, Richard Niessen, Stephen Blumenschein and Yue Mao.

Lunch en Diner 

Lunch and dinner are provide by Lof der Zoetheid.

Live DJs Monty & Berton

21:00 - 00:00
Monty is a Dutch and German DJ and producer, based in Amsterdam. He draws his inspiration from groove. You might find yourself jumping to an ecstatic drum craze, while in the next moment you're bouncing to some funky synth disco, jacking to some old school house records, trippin’ to some wavy EBM, air-guitaring some psychedelic rock and/or pistol-fingering to UK jungle. 

The Italian born Amsterdam based Berton has been cutting her teeth at Red Light Radio with the monthly show À la carte, a personal tribute to the labels from the underground scene. Meanwhile she enjoys taking part in the dancefloor sweat with djsets that propose a constantly developing musical exploration, from house to breakbeat and trance, with an always present trippy signature mark.


A.topos, A11 Studio, Alessio Dispenza/Backinasec, Alexandra Barancova & Jae Perris, Asu Aksu, bi-, Brieke Dros, Bram Bogaerts & Robin Smits/Superposition, Cees Boogert, Dagrun Adalsteinsdottir, David Cross, Eva Slegers & Floris de Vries, Gabriel Guevara, Gea Bonaffini/ChinaRaw, Hannah Carpenter, Hannke Klaver, Judith Muijs &Tosca Schift, Heidi Hörsturz, Henrike Altes, Holy Fool Studio, Huge, Hulya Ertas, Jadid Al-Rifai & Chloé Giordano, Jason Page, Jesler Muntendam, Job Schroën, Joca van der Horst/Studio Jocavdh, John Giskes, Johnny Theodorus Wiekhart, Julia Sokolnicka, Kalkidan Hoex, Katya Stepanova, Lara Joy Evans & Hannah Rose Stewart, Lars den Hertog, Lexi Herman, Lotte Schröder & Glenn Ryszko, Lydia Belevich, Lynnclaire Dennis, Marcel van Kan, Maria McLintock, Mieke van der, Linden & Ginger Haasbroek, Mike Kokken & Max Peeperkorn, Milica Jovićević, Minsook Kang, Miron Galic, Murat Adash, Myriam Gras, Myrthe van der Molen, Natalia Jordanova en Walter Götsch, Nóra Békés, Oddkin, Paola Ricci, Philip Lüschen, Reinier Kranendonk, Riccardo De Vecchi, Richard Niessen, Robin Smits, Salome Dijoux & Amélie Peterli, Sam Janssen, Simona Koutná, Sina Mostafavi, Benjamin Kemper & Daniel Fischer, Stephen Blumenschein, Studio Andrea Abbatangelo, Susan van Veen, Trine Bumiller, Willem Schenk, Cindy Wegner, Amber Oskam & Gyalpo Batstra, Yue Mao, Zinzi de Brouwer, Zoran Dragelj.


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


Standard€ 7,50
Students, CJP, Friends and Members of Het Nieuwe Instituut€ 3,75


The Common Inn is generously supported by Lemonaid, ChariTea and Warsteiner.

Thursday Night at Het Nieuwe Instituut
Kristoffer Li & Kristoffer Halse Sølling

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