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Second-year students from the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) were asked to think about the role of activism in their artistic journey and to research social issues that are relevant from their own perspective. As part of this assignment, they developed activist audio-visual works on issues including racial inequality, sexuality and gender, online/offline identities, mental health, education, Covid-19, and the environment.

Audiovisual works participating in this event:

Julia Stoffer

A video about racism against Asians, comparing history and the effects of corona on the subject.

Puck Schoenmaeckers & Alara Kutar

A video about mental health and lifting each other up.

Just a scratch in the surface
Pim Harding & Anaïs Clements

This movie is about the feeling of being dependent on technology and wanting to change that.

Start a conversation about education
Lieve Postulart & Anna Mastenbroek

A video about education.

Dive into the dark
Tessa Lemaire & Annelotte Maasland

A video about the positive side of darkness.

Saran Munnichs & Cid Pijnenburg

This video is made to show the audience that by answering our disruptive devices, we become disconnected from our surroundings and forget to live in the moment.

The supper of acceptance
Tim t’ Gilde & Sonja Aljaberi

A video about acceptance in relation to religion.

Social distancing, not socially distant
Jeanine Ros & Roos Oudt

A video about the fact that during the COVID-19 pandemic we face lockdowns and practice social distancing. As a result, the opportunity to interact with each other has become scarce.

This will be an inspiring and interactive evening in which the knowledge and experience of Artúr van Balen and Jannelieke Aalstein will be combined with the open-minded perspective of the young makers who want to evoke change.

17:00 – 19:00

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